Brain Factory: Making Headlines for Sustainable Toys and Child Development

We garnered significant attention from the media for our innovative approach to toy design and its commitment to environmental sustainability. The company's dedication to creating toys that foster creativity, encourage exploration, and promote holistic development has resonated with parents and educators worldwide.

Featured in Prestigious Publications & Blogs

Brain Factory's toys have been featured in numerous publications and Blogs, including:

1. Kaliyil Karyamund - ChannelI'M

Brain Factory Press

The mental growth and character formation of a person are greatly influenced by the toys and activities they play with as children. This prospect was recognised by a startup company called Brain Factory. High-quality Montessori toys are created for kids by the Kozhikode-based firm. Read more >>

Brain Factory In Press

2.  Brain Factory - Creating Fun, Engaging Safe Wooden Toys that promote learning and enhance early brain development in children. Read More >>

Brain Factory In Press

3. Business Insight

Brain Factory In Press

4. Medium Read More>>

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6. Brain Factory In Press Watch More >>

Our media coverage has not only generated positive publicity for the company but also helped to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable toys and child development. The company's toys are now used in schools, preschools, and homes all over India, making a positive impact on the lives of countless children.