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Skills Developed By Brain Factory

Skills Developed By Brain Factory

We started Brain factory on 12th September 2018. We are a brand that encourages brain development in children through quality educational products. Today, the play has become highly structured and adult-directed. Research shows that the number of time children spend on unstructured play has declined tremendously. In Brain factory, we aim to develop fantastic educational products.

Our blog talks about the importance of playing. 

At Brain Factory, our core focus is to promote Child-led Play. As parents we must let children to take the lead of what ever they are playing. This approach helps children to discover, explore, and think freely and creatively. Our products are 100% natural and safe for children.

We are committed to encourage children to explore new possibilities with every product we provide them. Childhood is so special and we believe each Brain Factory products help children to explore their inner world and bring out every child's full potential.