🌟The Guardians of the Galaxy🌟


Chief Of Brain Factory. He Is On A Mission To Make Every Kids And Parents Happy With Great Products. His Super Power Is Leading Children Away From Screens and Into a World of Imagination and Wonder😁

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Cheif Of Customer Happiness. A Fantastic Super Mom Of 2 Boys. A Great Yoga Instructor And The Person Who Is On A Mission To Make All Our Customers Happy.😉

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Chief Of Products. Basically, Our Superhero Without the Cape. He Is On A Mission To Make Our Products The Best In Quality.😎

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Chief Of Growth. A Humble Human Who Wants To Build Meaningful Partnerships For Us. He Promised Us That He Can Make Our Little Empire Bigger Than The Mughal Gardens. 🤪

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To Our Amazing Artisans And Freelance Superstars.

You're the Secret Sauce in Our Success.Without You, We'd be a Workshop Full of Sawdust and Dreams, No Toys, No Giggles.Thanks for Being the Awesomest Team Ever, Even if You're Miles Apart! 🫡