Behind the toy : Rainbow stacking toy-Easy To Carry

Have you bought your baby's first stacking toy? Brain Factory brings you this fantastic stacking toy with seven stacking rings with a wooden peg. This fun-filled toy is made with, durable, Child-friendly materials which deliver exceptional value for money.

Brain Factory Rainbow Easy to carry stacking toy

Brain Factory Wooden ring stacking toy is a brightly coloured and carefully made toy which helps children to build early shape and colour recognition, hand-eye coordination and concentration skills.

Rainbow stacking toys

Brain Factory Wooden ring stacking toy makes a great baby shower gift and an exceptional gift for children. Our Wooden ring stacking toy also helps children to stay away from mobile/iPad screens and become task-oriented. 

At Brain factory, our mission is to Build the future generation through high-quality educational products and help every child to enhance their creative and born abilities to achieve greatness in life.

Brain factory stacking toy

How to play?

The perfect way to play with a stacking toy is to let the child hand you the stacking rings. As a parent, we must show them how to play. We need to break each task in the activity into simple steps and think about whether the child will be able to do that.

  1. Once you break down an activity into simple steps, show them how to do it with slow hand movements, this helps the child to observe clearly and memorize the sequence of operations.
  2. Try to avoid talking while you demonstrate the activity. Help the child to keep their attention on the action.
  3. Try not to confuse them by doing the activity each time differently. Make it easier for kids to pick up any steps they missed.

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