Wooden Stacking Toy Owl Rattle Combo (0 to 3 Years)


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Rainbow Stacking Toy

Brain Factory rainbow stacking toy is a colorful and fun educational toy designed to stimulate children's creativity, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills. This toy consists of a set of seven wooden rings in rainbow colors that can be arranged and stacked in multiple ways to create different patterns and shapes.

The rings are made of high-quality natural wood and are painted with non-toxic paints, making them safe for children of all ages. The colors used in the paint are bright and vibrant, making the toy visually appealing and engaging for young children.

Owl Rattle

Introducing the Brain Factory Animal Rattle (Owl Shaped), a handmade and eco-friendly teething toy crafted from natural neem wood. This delightful rattle is not only safe for your baby but also serves as a dual-function teether, providing soothing relief during the teething phase. The gentle sound sensation produced by the rattle stimulates auditory development, while the vibrant multicolour design enhances your baby's colour recognition skills. Designed with an easy-to-grip shape, this rattle is perfect for little hands to hold and play with. Suitable for babies aged 6 months and above, this neem wood rattle promotes skill development by enhancing fine motor skills, sound discrimination, and colour recognition. Give your little one the perfect gift with this handmade, eco-friendly neem wood rattle, offering both entertainment and educational value. Choose the Brain Factory Animal Rattle (Owl Shaped) for a safe, engaging, and environmentally conscious toy for your baby.

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