Stay Out of the Basement (Goosebumps #2)


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Stay Out of the Basement (Goosebumps) is a book about two siblings, Margaret and Casey Brewer, who are worried about their father, Dr. Brewer, who is doing experiments on plants in the basement of their house. They feel that their father is developing plant-like tendencies and that the basement is full of horrors.

The story starts with Margaret and Casey playing Frisbee. Dr. Brewer repeatedly tells his children to stay away from the basement, but the children's curiosity is aroused when they notice occurrences like thousands of bugs crawling in their father's bed and their father scarfing down plant food and trying to make them eat it as well.

Stay Out of the Basement (Goosebumps) takes you on a roller coaster ride through the adventures of Margaret and Casey Brewer. The reprint edition was published by Scholastic Incorporated in 1992 and is available as a paperback.

Key Features:


  • This is the second book in the bestselling Goosebumps series.

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