Say Cheese And Die (Goosebumps #04)


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Say Cheese And Die (Goosebumps #04) is part of the Goosebumps series of children’s horror novels by R L Stine. The book is the fourth in the series. All of the books in the series have been highly popular among children.

Say Cheese And Die follows the events in the lives of four friends, Michael, Greg, Doug (aka Bird) and Shari, over their summer. The gang, bored with the uneventful day, decides to search for some adventure. They venture into the Coffman House, an old and apparently uninhabited house with eerie stories that revolve around it. The friends enter the house and start looking around. They find a mysterious camera hidden in between the wall panels. Curious and intrigued by the hidden camera, Greg starts clicking pictures. He captures one of his Michael leaning off a railing. The next moment, Michael slips and falls down and hurts himself. Looking through his pictures, Greg is shocked to see that the picture he took of Michael shows him falling rather than him standing on the railing, which is what he was actually doing at the time. Puzzled by the strange camera and its pictures, the gang is startled by the sound of steps behind them and scamper away with the camera. The following days turn even weirder when the camera takes shockingly strange pictures. Convinced that the camera is evil, the gang decide to place it back where they found it and forget about it. But when they go to the old house again, they are confronted by its elusive resident, the strange man that the children referred to in their stories as Spidey. Spidey turns out to be a mad scientist and now has the gang in his clutches.

The young adventure seekers must now escape from the mad scientist and save the world from the evil camera. Say Cheese And Die (Goosebumps #04) was published by Scholastic Incorporated in a reprint edition in 1992. The book is in paperback.

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