We are happy that within a short period, we got some fantastic customers and the confidence they gave us fueled us to work on more products. We aspire to become a purpose-driven brand, which means a brand driven by its core mission. We realised that with every toy we are delivering something more than a product. we are delivering a lot of happiness, and excitement, a product that helps the kids to enhance their skills, trust and a little surprise. This awareness helps us to build fantastic products.

Each Brain Factory product comes with a lot of educational value and provides a lot of open-ended play opportunities for kids. Open-ended play is a type of play in which there is no fixed rule to play or any correct solutions or fixed outcomes at the end. 
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About the purpose of the team

Our team at Brain Factory is well aware of the purpose behind the brand. We make sure that, our products are well crafted and help kids to have a screen free time and open-ended play experience. We are so proud that our toys are 100% made in India and made for the world.

About the artisans behind 'Brain Factory'

Brain Factory Purpose
We are working with the best artisans in India to build our products. We are so proud that each customer and kid who buys our products are directly contributing towards the betterment of the life of artisans. This gives us more fulfilment and confidence to do more.

Thank you so much for your support and appreciation. 😊