Why Montessori Education Is Important?

Developing confidence, enthusiasm and fostering independence and empathy moulds your child. Yes parents; you heard it right! Creating or choosing a right environment for your child has a lot of benefits. Recognising their capabilities, providing individual space for free learning at their own pace, enjoying freedom, directions for self-assessment are all needed for them to feel their own worth in this competitive world we live in. If you are thinking how to do it; providing Montessori education to your kid from early age is the best option.

What is Montessori education and how it can mould your child

Montessori is basically a child oriented approach to nurture capabilities of children independently and as well as in groups with specified set of learning tools. The concept was introduced by an Italian physician Dr. Maria Montessori

highlighting the quote “The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” Montessori education system has transformed the schools all around the globe and gave a new face to parenting by focussing cognitive, social, physical, and emotional health of children.

Nourishing confidence, independence, and concentration

Montessori education can boost up the concentration, focus and confidence of children by the influence of the intentional environment created around them, the materials or tools designed for play and day to day regular routines that support children to have control over their self-regulation, self-discipline etc. Their ability to educate themselves and critically think about what they are learning will get enhanced. Children can make choices about their learning techniques and are active participants in the learning process with simple guiding from parents or teachers.

Getting valued for who they are as individual

Providing Montessori education recognize them based on their level of learning. Each child has different grasping power and it is completely normal. Children learn in different ways and the education system accommodates all the learning styles valuing the potential of each of them without differentiation. Kids can learn freely in their own ways in their own pace. Children get to choose the activities and the time that they need to work on them thereby improving self- focus and motivation.

Self-assessment and self-correction as integral parts

Understanding their own weakness and correcting it by themselves enhance their critical thinking ability. Thereby kids become adept at recognizing, learning, and correcting from their errors which will be sustainable over the lifetime. Having control over self-assessment and self-correction drives to internal satisfaction which can make children more curious about their interests and help them enjoy the learning procedure.

Encouraging cooperative and group play

The world we live in is a playground of group play. So, evolving your child to be a group player is of utmost importance. Through Montessori education, children get to share and work with cooperative efforts with one another, intensifying their respect towards fellow children and elders and building a sense of community. Peer to peer leaning experience allows children to develop leadership qualities which can strengthen their confidence and independent learning skills. Appreciation and acknowledgement of their efforts as individual after completing each activity or after leaning a new skill can value up their perseverance and motivation for learning.

Emphasize on Hands-on learning

Hands on training is the main factor that make Montessori education stand out from the rest of classical educational training approaches. As Dr. Maria Montessori quoted ‘The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence’, hand on learning experience allows children to sense the beauty of learning through touching, feeling and doing. The education environment encourages children to move around the environment and engage with wide choice of activities available. They are free to choose the activity that they would like to do, explore the play materials, and can make their own discoveries as well. Encouragement of creative skills and language development

Introducing new skills and nurturing existing skills are add-on benefit of this education system. Skills of children including painting, drawing, music etc. will be appreciated thereby boosting up their admiration towards artistic activities. Development of vocabulary skills also will be focussed, taking them through the world of single words to simple sentences and then to complex sentences. Assist in language skills and acquisition will help them lay foundation for improving reading skills and sets them up in becoming efficient communicators.

A healthy and good beginning to life of children is essential in helping them to have a foundation for future development and wellbeing, not only in the starting of life but also throughout the life. Recent scientific studies have clearly proven Montessori education which focusses on mental development and hands on learning, qualifies children in having positive approach towards learning experiences. Montessori education system brings out the best in kids thereby allowing them to express them more efficiently and creatively. System establishes the children as full potential candidates to enter this competitive world as fully engaged, responsible and civil citizen.

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