What makes an activity Montessori?
When someone asks us about Montessori Education most people only know it as a method of teaching developed by the Italian physician, Maria Montessori. But the reality is more interesting than what we know. So, instead of talking about the history of Montessori Education let's look at a much deeper and more interesting topic. What makes an activity Montessori?
Montessori activities help the children to become highly task-oriented. These activities usually target one skill. For example, a stacking toy allows the kids to place the object over another object and n top of each other or lock with one another. This helps the toddlers to learn how to balance objects so they won't topple. This is what makes a Montessori toy different. If you look at other plastic toys you can see it comes up with so many buttons, switches, and functions and distract the child from every activity he does.
Montessori toys are mostly made with natural materials. We know that toddlers explore with all their senses. Natural materials are safe and strong to play with and are very much durable. So these toys provide the child with a great learning experience and can be kept as great collectibles of memories and also can be passed on to another generation.
Montessori activities teach children about the work cycle. That is, almost all activities come with a beginning, middle, and end. Children experience peace of mind when they play with the activities and they get a sense of satisfaction when they finish them.
Montessori activities allow children to achieve mastery in every activity they do. To master any activity we should do it repeatedly. Most Montessori activities are designed according to the children's level of thinking. They are not so complicated yet not so simple. It is important to keep the activities like this because the child should be able to think and solve the activity and making it more difficult will complicate things and eventually the kids will give up on the problem.
"One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the Child"
-Maria Montessori
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