Tips to make your child self-reliant through Montessori training

Being reliant to oneself is very important for everyone, including children. And it is definitely a practice that require a huge foundation starting from home. Parents as well as the surroundings that children grow plays a very soulful responsibility in moulding out them in such a way that they are confident about what they are. Being reliant on self can help children in enforcing essential traits of developing proficient relationships, capability in taking life decisions by own, facing challenges in more convincing way etc; which are of greater significant in the flow of life. Parents should effectively monitor the range of self-esteem that their children behold from very early stage, by empowering their achievements even though it is small.

Providing Montessori education revamps the observation skills of children emphasizing their individual preferences and experiences for betterment of both social and emotional wellbeing in life, which can in terms stimulate the bloom of self-reliance and self-esteem. This education starts from home environment and can extent to class environment ensuring progress in thinking process of children. Some of the tips that can encourage development of self-sufficiency in children are mentioned. Try to practice these recommendations with your children.

Allow them to make their own decisions

Taking decisions by themselves and preferring their individual choices allows children to construct trust and be proud of themselves. Children cannot develop the confidence of being self- reliant if parent will not allow them to walk alone in their own path. Instructing them in all situations hampers the pace of evolution of their brain and delays the time of developing common sense. You must let them act as they want. Montessori education furnishes creative minds of children by creating apt surroundings which permits them to choose what they enjoy the most and carry on with activities which they prefer to do rather than following random instructions from parents or teachers. They are free to pick their choice from various academic, social, and creative tasks. Gradually

improvise and appreciate their choice in selecting what they want to wear, which books they want to read and more. Valuing and admiring these options selected by them can substantially surge their confidence and self-esteem and can make them assertive and comfortable to make decisions in a long run.

Power of appreciation

Children always learn the first lesson from their parents. They always tend to copy your actions, words, and style. So, the way you speak to them and the way you shower your care on them is of profound significance and has a long lasting effect on their self- esteem. Children have to be moulded in such a way that they are appreciated for all the good things they do even if its is a small thing and should correct them from doing wrong things. Montessori training recommends to observe your child to the fullest and identify in which activities they excel and where they lack skill. Praise them for the excelling activities and boost up their confidence in doing activities which they lack skills in a better way. Take care to avoid being negative on unnecessary things. Instead talk to children properly and encourage them to come with a solution to their problems. In class room Montessori trainings also, these methods are being followed.

Let them take care of themselves

When you are a parent, your protectiveness towards children will be high and often want to do the best for them starting from selecting their clothes to choosing their friends. But, most often growing minds of children will not be ready to accept the choices made by the parents. So, the best thing a parent can do is to let them take the lead in taking and making their choices. It will automatically help them in learning new things and to recognize their worth. Additionally, it promotes self-reliance and allows them to infer the importance of each and every verdict they take in life. Montessori training strictly follows the proposition of children being the active and integral part of learning process. They get to assimilate the qualities of self-love and importance of appreciating oneself.

Starting with simple activities like buttoning their shirts/skirts, doing ties, analysing colour match etc. Montessori education introduces them to tiding up, basic activities of food preparation and practical skills of washing hands, folding clothes; which are essential in day to day life. Even at home these practices should be continued so that it can become part of their daily life. Empower the skills of children by letting them do what they really wish to do if it is in a safer side. Allow them to assist you in household activities such as preparing a snack, chopping vegetables, cleaning, mopping, organising, throwing trashes etc. Be careful and make sure you are indulging them in tasks that fit to their ages.

Along with building up self-reliance in children, teach them to be adaptable to different opportunities and situations and should be always susceptible to constant changes in life. Promote them to try out and face new challenges in life. This can shape them as open minded, confident young citizens who are proud by themselves and a valuable asset to parents.

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