Parenting In The Time Of Covid-19

We Observed A Few Challenges Faced By Parents During This Pandemic (Covid-19). We Never Missed An Opportunity To Interact With Them From Past Couple Of Months. Covid-19 Is Affecting The Whole World In Many Ways. This Period Is One Of The Most Challenging Situations We Ever Experienced. We Should Not Let This Situation Affect Our Children's Confidence And Development. We Noticed A Few Important Challenges Faced By Parents And We Hope This Article Will Discuss Them With You All. Please Feel Free To Comment with Your Valuable Feedbacks In Case You Experienced Similar Problems.

1. Dealing With Stress And Anxiety 

We Know As Adults How A Stressful Day Affects Our Lives. Now, Like All Of Us Children Are Well Aware Of This Pandemic And Its Effects In The World. They Are Staying Indoors And Not Getting Enough Time To Play With Their Friends. In Such A Situations We Recommend All Parents To Spend Some Time Completely With Their Children And Their Little World Of Wonders. Play With Them And Laugh With Them. Let Them Enjoy The Little Things In Life And Teach Them How To Stay Calm And Happy During Such Situations.

2. Online Education Challenges

Online Education In India

When It Comes To Online Classes, It Has Both Pros And Cons. But We Should Not Forget The Amazing Advantage Of Technology And How Technology Is Helping Us To Be At Home And Do Our Things. Previously It Was Not Possible. To Tackle The Online Educational Challenges We Recommend You To Assist Children With Their Classes And Encourage Them To Ask As Many Questions As Possible With Their Teachers. This Helps The Child To Stay Engaged In The Class And Have More Curiosity And Interest Towards The Subjects. Also, Remind Them That It Is Not So Good To Sit Long Hours In Front Of The The Device And Remind Them To Take Short Breaks And Re-energise Themselves Before The Next Session.

3. Keep Children Engaged

Child Reading

We All Know That Covid 19 Is More Than A Virus. Covid 19 Is A Situation The Whole Humanity Is Facing Right Now. It Is Difficult To Live With Out Socialisation And Other Activities For Us Adults And Imagine How Much Difficult This Will Be For The Children. We Suggest You To Give Them Books, Reading Help To Have Better Imagination, And Various Other Skills In Children. Examples Are Reading Speed, Critical Thinking, Intelligence, Cognitive Skills, And Many More. Also, Keep Them Engaged In Fun Contests And Other Activities. We Have A Postcard Designing Activity On Our Website And We Invite All Children To Send Us Postcards And Show Us Their Creativity. We Are So Much Excited To See Their Art Works Here.
We Hope This Article Is So Much Helpful And Request You All To Comment And Share This With Your Friends And Family. Let Us Build Our Community Stronger And Better And Do Fantastic Things For Our Children. Let's Hope This Pandemic Will Pass Soon And Stay Healthy And Positive. Let Us Equip Our Children With The Necessary Skills Required To Overcome This Pandemic And Make Them Strong And Intelligent Citizens.


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