Expert Talk : How Do Bees Make Honey?

Hello Everyone. It's Time For Another Interesting Topic. Do You Know That Honey Was The Original Sweetener Of Our Civilisation? This Article Tells You Some Interesting Facts About Honey And How It Is Made.

Lavender Flower Nectar Bees

We All Know That Honey Is A Golden Coloured Thick Liquid Produced By Bees. Bees Produce Honey By Using The Nectar Of Flowering Plants And Keep It Inside The Beehive To Eat At The Times Of Scarcity.

Next Is A Little Science. Honey Bees Extract Nectar From The Flowers Using Their Long Tube Shaped Tongue And Store It In Their Extra Stomach Called "Crop". The Nectar Then Mixes With The Enzymes in The Stomach And Changes Its Chemical Composition, pH (Potential Of Hydrogen) And Convert It Into A Thick Liquid Which Is More Suitable For Long Term Storage.

Bee Collecting Honey

Honey Bees When Reach Their Hive They Passes The Nectar To Other Bees By Regurgitating The Nectar Into Other Bees Mouth. This Process Continues Until The Partially Digested Nectar Is Deposited Into A Honey Comb.
To Evaporate The Water Content From The Honey The Bees Fan The Honey Comb Using Their Wings. This Process Turns The Honey Into The Thick Golden Coloured Viscous Liquid Which We Use At The Dinner Table.
Bees Keep The Honey Away From Water And Air And Store Honey For A Long Time. This Is A  Perfect Food Source For The Cold Winter Months.
Bees Seals The Honey Comb With A Liquid From Its Abdomen And Which Hardens Into A Thick Compound Called Beewax.
The Taste, Smell And Texture Of Honey Varies Depending On the Type Of Flower A Bee Frequents. Eg:- Clover Honey

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