Best age for starting Montessori education in children

Parents often worry about starting education of kids from younger age. Their main concern relates to putting pressure of studies on children from a very early age and taking away their time for play can ruin their relationship with parents. So, enrolling your kid in school or introducing them to any kind of education system is a big decision. As parent, you need to make children acquainted with a study system that not only educate them but also allow them to enjoy all the freedom and joy that they deserve. This is where Montessori education system takes a hand over conventional education system. Montessori education moulds children through a created environment where they are free to learn activities and concepts of all subjects including math, science etc in their own pace. This system makes children learn lessons majorly through play activities which can engage them for long hours with interest and participation ending up with more grasping power, compared to other traditional learning systems.

Why Montessori?

Montessori education is applicable from infant level up to secondary education level with modifications in curriculum. According to the founder of the concept Dr. Maria Montessori, from the period of birth to an average age of six year, mind of children tends to be in greatest absorbing capacity. This fast absorbing power can be utilised to lay a

solid foundation of basic concepts, which will stay with them for lifelong. So, the education system offers different levels of tuition starting from infant, toddlers, children to elementary and secondary education. Mostly, children are allowed to learn and practice philosophy of Montessori in any of these stages of life but evident add on benefit will be there if started from initial years.

How Montessori works at home?

Parents can start practicing Montessori education in kids even from home in recommended ages starting from two to four. But it is not always necessary to wait up to two, for practising basic manner studies. As children’s first teacher, parents can start preparing children for Montessori education by implementing and practicing Montessori environmentaround them. This include going for walk with them,

telling stories, involving them in household activities, playing and interacting with them etc. In later stages, Montessori system strives to develop positive habits, social skills, and leadership qualities by engaging on activities and collaborating with groups.

Montessori in classrooms

After infant level Montessori education, children get level up to toddler level education in which they can enjoy the independence and involve themselves in more activities in a class room environment. They get to see and learn from other children, work in groups; explores and start learning basics that will help them prepare for starting school. They will learn activities coordinating hands on learning like holding pencils, crayons, cleaning up desk after eating food etc. Montessori classrooms encourage toddlers to develop interest in practical life activities like watering plants, dusting, raking leaves, sweeping, organising things in place etc. It also cheers them for doing essential self-care actions including toileting, washing hands, getting dressed, button a shirt etc. It also incites socialization skills promoting care for others by following respect and courtesy towards others starting from structured interaction with other children in classroom.

Importance of choosing the right age

Like conventional education, starting Montessori education late can cause lack of interest and problem to adjust in children. Evolved learning is necessary in Montessori education since establishing routines, modest practices and life skills requires time to get inbuild. So, introducing Montessori based lifestyle in early ages are normally preferred. According to studies conducted, children who started Montessori education in late ages (say after 5 years) end up with skill and knowledge gap, less grasping power in comparison to children who started in early ages. But above everything, well-development and health of children is of prime importance. Before enrolling, parents have to make sure the comfortability of children in the transition process from home to school. Be with them in the transitional phase, which will help them to be confident and independent.

Think from your children’s perception and choose the best for them. Plant the seeds of joy in them starting from early age. Montessori education can definitely help your children to reach highest of their potential. Before enrolling or introducing them to any preliminary education system, make sure to take care of the safety of environment and happiness of your child. That is what matters the most.

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