Bedtime Stories are important for children?

Bedtime stories are one of the most amazing thing which children value the most when they grow up. Every child’s mind is young and ready to be moulded. And as parents, it is our duty to see that it gets done the right way. So what can we do as parents to ensure the right guidance of our children? What are the good habits that we can instil in them? Let’s take a look at one age-old method that has always proved to be the best. Here we discuss a few things about the importance of Bedtime Stories in

Stories are an age-old method of instilling the right values and morals in children. The habit of narrating bedtime stories to children has an incredible impact on their little minds. Reading together is an important element to your child’s success in reading and creativity. This is also a time in which you and your child can enjoy each other’s company and share your love for one another. It can do wonders to improve as well as inculcate various good qualities in your children.
Take a look to know how telling bedtime stories can work wonders on your child.

Bedtime stories Enhances Creative Thinking

Bedtime stories play a vital role in enhancing a child’s creative thinking. Listening to fantasies and adventure stories will help them think and explore more and more. Thus this habit will help in triggering their young creative minds. At the same time, remember to be sensitive to your little one’s thoughts and imagination.

Communication Skills

Bedtime stories also play an extremely important role in instilling various important elements of communication in your child. Many new words can be read and discussed. This will help in advancing the vocabulary of your child. They will also become capable of describing what they think and feel more accurately. Reading will thus improve the confidence of your child by a great extent.

Choose stories that have morals in them for your child. These morals and values often reflect how people should treat themselves, how they should treat others, and what is truly important in life. The moral doesn’t have to be complex by nature, rather it can be something simple like keeping the room clean, respecting elders, or refraining from fighting with siblings. Make the most out of this one on one time that you receive with your little one to instil certain morals and values in him/her.

Quality Time

This is that part of the day wherein you get to spend some quality time with your little one. Make sure to shower them with your love and warmth before tucking them in bed. Being there with your child at the beginning as well as the end of the day is a great way to strengthen the bond. Exactly why this aspect is the most important of them all. Thus, reading out stories to your child and tucking them into bed at night etches memories of closeness, nurturing, and a feeling of security into the child’s mind that he or she will cherish for a lifetime.

Problem Solving Skills and Increased Attention Span

Parents can come up with interesting methods to narrate stories to their little ones. Add interesting twists and dramatic events in the stories to grab their attention. You can also make this exercise interactive for your children by having them give you a storyline. Also, let them fill in a word here and there. This will improve the child’s problem-solving skills as well as his attention span.

Hence it can be seen how important bedtime stories are in a child’s life. The happiness it brings them is immeasurable. They are sure to cherish this little hour of quality time they spent with their parents, all their life. Thus as responsible parents, let your child explore, fly and grow through the world of stories.

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