A simple guide to effective parenting

Parent the child you have, not the child you wish you had.

Children want to feel safe and accepted as the way they are. They want to feel significant. As a parent, we need to understand this simple rule of parenting. If you don't understand this, you start fighting with them or being triggered by them. If you realise this golden rule, you can guide, support and lead them.
The best way to understand this rule is to see the world through the children's eyes. Doing this helps us to develop another perspective of the world around us. Instead of pointing our fingers at them, we start to understand their perspective on things and improve our ability to understand children.

Children's drawings
We always see kids taking toys away from their friends or other kids. But what we do is scold them and teach them discipline, but if we look at that from children's point of view, we can understand one simple thing they want to play with that toy right now.

Child drawings
Let us look at another example when children throw objects around them, we think they are damaging them, but they may be testing a new sound or something they heard for the first time.
If we observe, we can find a lot of such moments in our lives. But we need to stop being judgmental and accept our kids as they are.
Most parents ask them questions like how can I make my kids the best in studies, sports and arts? If we accept our kids for what they are and love them for that, we can find magic in them.
As kids and individuals, we all want that.

Significance, belonging and acceptance for who we are.

Happy Parenting.

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