The 5 Reasons Why We Love Montessori

Montessori activities help the child to grow entirely, but as a parent or teacher, you need to find the perfect activity for them.

To select the perfect activity, first look at the child to see their needs or desires and then set up the action to meet those needs.
For a toddler, Montessori activities fall into five main areas.

1. Hand-eye Coordination
The activities in this area develop hand-eye coordination, various kinds of grasp, independence, and understanding.
One such activity is based on rings of dimensional gradation.Τhe child inserts four or five rounds of varying gradation, ideally alternating colors inside the spindle, putting the larger one first. The bottom ring should not be more significant than the child’s hand span.

Montessori Activities

2. Music and Movement
Music is a fundamental part of early childhood education. Music helps children to develop problem-solving and logical skills.
Children naturally enjoy singing, dancing, and clapping to the music. Listening to different music and playing musical instruments can do wonders for them.
3. Practical Life(Activities Of Daily Life)
Children love to act as “grown-up.” When taught early in life, daily life skills allow children to believe in themselves and develop the self-discipline needed for success throughout their lives.

Practical Life exercises are done indoors and outdoors and can be large or small. Ask them to help unpack the dishwasher, help with recycling, make the bed, use the toilet independently, set the table, tie, and shoes, match bottles to lids, and wash the windows are some activities.

4. Arts and Crafts
Art is one of the many ways children express themselves. Art helps children to develop their fine motor skills and creativity.
Arrange a box full of crayons or chunky pencils, Papers of different sizes, colors, and textures, and let them scribble and enjoy.

5. Language
Children go through a series of stages to acquire language. They begin with auditory discrimination and quickly move to speech and vocabulary development. Eventually, the children develop symbol and sound recognition, which leads to reading.
A simple activity for this is collecting books. Start with board books and move on to hardcover and paperback. Arrange so that children can see their covers and access them easily, perhaps in a small basket for a few books or on a small bookshelf.

Make sure you follow the child. See what catches their attention. Remove those activities which are too hard or too easy.

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