Rakesh Sharma : The First Indian Who Traveled to Space

Rakesh Sharma is an inspiration for every Indian because he is the first Indian citizen who created history by travelling to space. Rakesh Sharma Born on January 13, 1949 in Patiala, A place in Punjab State India.

How many of our children dream of becoming Astronauts or scientist? Have you ever thought of that?

It is our responsibility to read them stories about the ordinary people who made extra ordinary things rather that telling them to follow a crowd.

Here is such an amazing story to tell your children. The story of Rakesh Sharma. Read and prepare your children for the extra ordinary.

Rakesh Sharma : The Story

Rakesh Sharma was an IAF Pilot and he joined in India Air Force in 1970. He participated in the Bangladesh War in 1971 and flew 21 Combat missions in MIG-21.

Rakesh Sharma Completed his space mission along with a team of other two soviet cosmonauts, One is commander Yury Malishev and Flight engineer Gennady Strekalov.

Rakesh Sharma spent 7 Days 21 hours and 40 minutes on his space journey. Resources says that Rakesh Sharma performed several experiments on space which includes photography of India from space and some experiments in yoga during weighlessness. (Source: Britanica).

After 8 Days the mission ended and Rakesh Sharma and his crew members landed on 11th April in Kazakhstan. After the space mission he joined as a chief test pilot in Hindustan aeronautics, Bangalore.

There are plenty of inspiring information available about this Indian hero on various resources and we request you to collect and read them to your children. We are sure this will definitely create wonders in their life.


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