How to teach your kids a Montessori activity?

In the last blog, we talked about what makes an activity Montessori. This article is all about how to show a child's activity. It is simple. First, we need to choose what we want them to learn. The second task is to do it by ourselves first. Thirdly, we need to break each task in the activity into simple steps and think about whether the child will be able to do that.

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The next step is to give them the freedom to choose their favorite activity, let them play, and take as much time as they want to master it. When the kids face issues to complete, step in and show them how to do it properly. Remember that "your child will follow your example, not your advice."

 Here are some best tips to show children how to do an activity.

  1. Once you break down an activity into simple steps, show them how to do it with slow hand movements, this helps the child to observe clearly and memorize the sequence of operations.
  2. Try to avoid talking while you demonstrate the activity. Help the child to keep their attention on the action.
  3. Try not to confuse them by doing the activity each time differently. Make it easier for kids to pick up any steps they missed.

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Here are 4 Key Montessori principles you must keep in mind.

  1. Respect the child: Respect the uniqueness in every child and let them make and correct their mistakes by themselves.
  2. Absorbent mind: From age 1-6, Children rapidly develop a clear understanding of the world around them. They develop an understanding of their culture and build the foundations of their personality.
  3. Educate the whole child: The core focus of Montessori Education is to provide the child with great learning experiences which nurture their social, emotional, and physical well-being. We need to give equal importance to all of these aspects and provide them with a practical outlook on life.
  4. Freedom of movement and choice: Maria Montessori observed that freedom of movement is a part of child development. Children become their best when they have the freedom to move and choose their work by themselves.

In this article, we covered How to teach your kids a Montessori Activity and 4 Important principles of Montessori Education. In the upcoming articles, we will be coming up with another topic. We will also discuss the other principles of Montessori Education.

We hope this article is informative and conveys valuable Information. Great day to all.

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