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Founder's Message:

Students in 10+2 are at a crucial stage in their career path where they need expert guidance to move forward and give their best shot. The limitations of general coaching classes is that the teacher conducts classes usually not being aware of how each student is assimilating the lesson as the students are of different abilities, strengths, weakness, skills and learning capability. A topic which is easy for one may be difficult for another. Hence some students are not able to progress in the subject at the same pace like others. This clearly highlights why some student achieve ranks easily and other students struggle to pass out. Many students find a classroom environment a little difficult place to ask questions and finally when the course is completed in class, students find it difficult to cope up during exams as they need revision classes.

This is where we at "The Brain Factory" make the difference!!!

WHY our institute?

With us, Personal Attention is guaranteed. Each batch will only contain few students [max 6]. We understand the requirements of our educational system and have designed our teaching methodology accordingly. We introduce ourselves as an educationally focused institute that intends to raise the bar on standards of quality in education across the nation by our sincere performance and dedicated efforts towards dynamic growth. We aim to inspire every student to achieve success in different Board & University examinations.

Our outstanding faculty and our unique teaching methodology along with stimulating academic environment promises to keep our students ahead of everyone in their examination results.

Core Team:

Our core team comprises of highly qualified and experienced teachers and professionals who not only understand the educational system but also have extensive experience in industrial environment. They are the products of premiere educational institutes and have rich industry experience.

  • Maths & Physics - Mr. Manish Kumar (B.Tech) with 15+ years of teaching experience.
  • Computer Science - Ms. Payal Kumar (M.Tech) with 11+ years of industry and teaching experience.
  • Biology - Dr. Nidhi Mohan with 18+ years of industry and teaching experience
  • English - Dr. Seema Chaudhary with 18+ years of teaching experience.

Vision and Mission

We at "The Brain Factory" aim to be an academic institute that transforms the career path and growth pattern of every student to attain the pinnacle of success.